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We Bring Nature Home

Located in Bixby Knolls, CA
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RENEW is unlike any landscape company on the planet. Our approach is holistic—it’s not just one plant, it’s the entire place. We design to enrich the environment, encourage beneficial insects to breeze right through, and for gardens to grow in blooming good health. Contact us today.

Our approach to landscapes is anything but typical.  We work in conjunction with nature to enhance your environment.  From analyzing water usage, to improving growing conditions with our custom garden designs, RENEW takes great pride in all aspects of your landscape.  All work is performed "hands-on" by professional groundskeepers nurturing plant beds, shaping shrubs and trees and maintaining walkways — so your sanctuary is draped in luxuriant vegetation and seasonal interest.  Exactly the way nature intended.

“We treat every landscape with the respect all living systems deserve. Our philosophy is to bring nature home so you can relax and be refueled by a garden that is full of life and beauty.”

- Laurence Watt, Groundskeeper.

To ensure that your garden is an ever-changing exhibition of color and constant delight, RENEW has a three-step approach to our distinct landscape services.
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“A garden is an investment in health, not only for you and your family, but for the whole community. Every season has its colors, so we make sure your garden is always in bloom.”

- Shelby Batalla, Groundskeeper.